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Introduction and history of firm
In these days we can say, milling machines are already produced more than 140 yaers in Pardubice – Czech Republic. The history of this production is following. In this time established Mr. Josef Prokop factory named „ Josef Prokop and sons“

After the end of communists system in Czech Republic , in 1989, was the factory divided into two independent firms „TMS Group“ and „PROKOP – joint stock company“ . Unfortunately, today all of them do not work. The firts of them went bankrupt in 1999 and the second in 2002. The extincion of these firms did not come suddenly. It was coming slowly, but surely. That is why former employees of these firms, founded new company named “ ŠENOVKA Co. Ltd “ in 2001.

In this way we have reassumed on tradition of production of milling machines in Pardubice and Czech republic. Our company delivered all equipment for flour mill - spare parts, machine and machinery , complete production lines of milling product inclusively of Computers in control systems. Our machinery conform to conditions of Euro standards. On the basic of this is the declaration of ES handed over.

Of course, our machineries reassume on production of machineries in both former, not heard of again now, firms from Pardubice.  But, in the relatively short time of our existence, our designers have developed new type model of roller mill and automatic doser of water.

Production and Production schedule
Machines and equipments are manufactured in two fully equipped workshop specialized in production of milling machines, in our company. Most of our workers heve come to our company from former firms “TMS Group” and “PROKOP – joint stock company” , and we can rely on their first – rate workmanship of ordered work and on their rich experience.

ŠENOVKA Co. Ltd. exist since 2001 , but it starts assert itself abroad nowadays. In foreign countries are, that is to say, many flour mills delivered and made in above named former firms and now owners of this mills often demand service, spare parts but also repair works, expanding or reconstruction of their plants equipments and so on, at our company.

Production schedule of our company consists largely of machines for cleaning and milling of grain and other loose materials, for blending flours , for aspiration systems, gravity piping and so on. We constantly specialize mainly in issue of flour mills, but latterly we have gained more and more jobs for manufacturing plants of feeding mixtures, sugar factories, chocolate factories, breweries and for wood worked industry, chemical industry of cetera.

More informations abouth our production schedule find here.
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